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To us sustainability isn't a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) program.

To us sustainability isn't about the well-lauded environmental impact we are making. It is about how we impact the people around us and the relationships we have built with them over the years.

It is at the core of all that we do – our processes, our interactions with customers and partners, our people, the value we add to our customers' profits and the very future of how our business plans to widen its horizons.

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It is at the forefront of all the steps we take.

To us sustainability is about taking ownership and being accountable for the end-to-end service offerings of recycling paper for our customers. It is more about our culture that improvises upon our processes, every single day, about cutting costs for our customers and working on the winning attitude of our people.

Our Sustainability Objectives:

At GWRL we focus on achieving:

  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability

Setting and working toward achieving our sustainability goals, has helped us to stay focused on efforts that create value to our immediate communities and to the society. We have been actively involved in educating the girl child. With school children volunteering to carry our message, they became our foremost citizens, spreading messages and becoming our starting points for waste collection.

In this remarkable journey, our touch points range from rag-pickers, paper collectors, school children, parents, business persons, NGOs, corporations, leaders from other domains, governments and policy makers at all levels.

We are well aware that it also preserves and helps us in our economic growth and contributes to the industry, while fostering the well-being of our people and communities in which we live and work - A lesson we learnt from our founder Mr.M.L.Pujara.

A lesson that has helped us sustain 5 decades of waste paper recycling.

A lesson that helps us take on our next strides, with confidence.

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