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At Global Waste Recyclers we are proud of our recycling heritage which started over 50 years ago. Over the years we have moved to a technology-driven approach to paper recycling.

To us, paper recycling goes beyond the rhetoric of environmental pressures and has the singular purpose of ensuring that the fiber and chemical requirements specified by our paper mill customers are adhered to, at all costs.

We collect and grade paper, before it is sent to a mill. It is also sorted and baled, according to the desired compositional quality that meets our customer specifications, resulting in high quality recycled paper for them.

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Apart from old newspapers and magazines collected from household schemes, recovered paper is derived from industrial and commercial sources. These sources are often the easiest, cleanest and most economical to collect from. Our team of trained sorting assistants place recovered paper by grade viz., white office paper, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard boxes et al.

This kind of sorting and grading ensures:

  • High quality of collected material
  • Lower cost to process such collected / recovered paper
  • Lower level of contaminants at the source

We are also in the process of developing customized processes and technologies that can handle, identify and separate paper grades for recycling.

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