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About Us


Global Waste Recyclers Ltd (GWRL) is a leading-edge paper recycling company providing a range of collecting & grading and indenting services to paper mills throughout India. Based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, GWRL sells, waste paper, imports waste paper and offers indenting services for customers who are ready to take advantage of working with a process-driven, technology enriched and well-networked recycling company of 5 decades.
  • South India's largest paper recycler.
  • Recycling tens of thousands of tons per month.
  • Networking strength across APAC, Middle East, Europe and North America
  • Reach across Indian paper mills
  • Excellent knowledge of Indian EXIM laws
  • Supports Eco-friendly measures
  • Implements best-practices across various levels of operation

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It has been a glorious journey of 50 years with the paper industry.

A journey that is enriched by milestones that stand out for :

  • Creating a niche space within the Indian market for collecting, sorting and recycling paper,
  • Creating new benchmarks and best-practices for recycling standards,
  • Reaching out the concept of sustainability to the common man and
  • Working towards a greener India.

Global Wastepaper Recyclers Ltd (GWRL) took shape in 1962 when Mr. M L Pujara started exploring the domestic waste paper business, under his leadership in the name of M/S.M.L.Pujara. It was just collection from various sources, sorting and sale to paper mills.

As India opened up in 1981, so did the Pujaras. Waste paper was imported from Australasia, Europe and North America, and various Indian paper mills were their customers. As a professionally managed organization, the Pujaras were quick to create a standing for themselves, within the paper industry, at a pace that none could match. They were soon becoming the preferred indenting agency for waste paper, for many paper mills in the country. Identifying overseas suppliers, negotiating the right prices and terms and liasoning on behalf of the Indian paper mills was soon becoming a major stream of business activity for the Pujaras.

With rapid expansion came the need for incorporation and Pujara Fibres Private Limited was born, as a pre-cursor to Global Wastepaper Recyclers Ltd (GWRL).

This 50 years of industry experience, has created not just a leadership position, but a responsibility to contribute to the larger good of the country and the environment in particular.

The long term objective of GWRL is to make a significant contribution to finding technologically advanced, yet people-intensive solutions, which can overcome modern day challenges of recycling in India.

GWRL aspires to reach the following goals in the next couple of years:

  • To transform paper recycling methods and technologies in India
  • To act as a reliable indenting agent for paper mills in India, sourcing from North America, Europe, APAC and the African regions.
  • To develop high quality collection and sorting methods, and services that aid the paper recycling industry in India, and to place it on par with developed countries.
  • To enable their customers to understand that their sustenance would depend on the earth's sustainability. To empower them to pro-actively take part in the process of recycling and assist them in the process of changing their lifestyles, and to help them make choices that are earth-friendly.
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